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Welcome mat

June 7, 2010

Yesterday, after over one full week (!!) of not doing any asana practice, I found myself back in my studio, excited to see the bamboo floors and reconnect with my wonderful yoga mat. A long time ago I decided that I wanted a place I could escape to no matter what craziness was going on in my life. A place I could just be in without worrying about the realities and difficulties that life brings. A place that could instantly make me feel better just because I knew it was there. A place just for me. My yoga mat has stepped up to the challenge of always being available and ready for me at any time.
As soon as I unroll my mat and sit down, there is a sense of welcoming that washes over me. It doesn’t matter what happened before I opened the mat, or what will happen after I roll it back up after my ninety minute practice. In those first few minutes of set-up, I have my own ritual of unrolling and straightening my mat (it actually does have to parallel to the cracks in the floor). Then, I sit down and give the entire thing a once-over. Remove the cat hair as well as any random pieces of whatever else has decided to make my yoga mat its home while I am away. After the rigorous ten-point inspection, me and my mat are ready for class.
The wonderful thing about my yoga mat is that it is always there, ready for me. It doesn’t judge me because I spent more than a full week away from it, or because I left part of it trapped in the door frame when I carelessly put it away. Instead, it just welcomes me back. Back to my asana practice, back to the place where I can forget about everything else and move through posture after posture and breathe. I can leave it for a day, a week, a month or even years and my mat will always welcome me home with the same wonderful reception. It’s my welcome mat.

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  1. June 7, 2010 7:57 AM

    You make yoga sound so tempting…

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