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Yoga in the Great Outdoors

May 31, 2010

You know those great pictures of people doing amazing yoga postures in front of equally amazing landscapes?  Like for instance, full tree pose on a boulder surrounded by mountains overlooked by a gorgeous sunset?  Yeah. Well, I am certainly not in a place in my practice where I can pull those poses off on flat ground on my mat, in my yoga studio.  Which doesn’t bother me.  But every time that I am in a peaceful outdoor space, especially around water, I find myself *needing* to do random yoga poses, throwing the camera at my husband and demanding “take my picture while I do this posture!”  He is wonderful enough to play along with me, even though he has no yoga-tendencies himself (I did get him to attend one class with me a LOOOONNNGGG time ago, but the yoga bug has never bitten him like it has me).  After a few attempts at the above mentioned tree pose and maybe attempting a warrior II pose, I go about my hike/walk/day happy with the knowledge that I too have an awesome beach/creek/outdoors yoga shot! Now, of course it’s nothing like some others I have seen, but it’s all mine and it’s still a great shot of me doing yoga, right?  Well it turns out that the way I envision myself while practicing is completely different than how I *actually* look while I am practicing yoga.  I literally did a double and triple take the first time I viewed photos of myself practicing yoga! I asked myself, is that really what I look like? Surely, I don’t look like that to other people, do I?  That doesn’t look graceful at all!  Then I decided, eh whatever.  I love practicing yoga, no matter what I look like!

Here I am trying some yoga in the creek

And my attempt at Tree Pose on the beach

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  1. May 31, 2010 6:06 PM

    I think you do look graceful. I love both those pictures. they make me want to run outside and try yoga. 😉

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